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Join a fresh alternative to a traditional CSA(Consumer Supported Agriculture) box

You get to choose what goes into your weekly box

brassicasYou decide which delivery site each week works for you

You choose your weekly budget for your box







Early high tunnel brassicas


farm fare

Harvested 24 hours bursting with goodness

The only produce fresher is your own garden




Locally Grown heirloom vegetables




Pastured Meat Cuts and Eggs

All our meats are USDA cut and wrapped at our local Certified Humane Wolfpack Meats packing plant

You can choose based on availability each week

USDA Grass fed, and finished Girlfarm Irish Dexter Beef or grass fed local brewers mash finished Angus from our friends at Baker Brewery Beef - no antibiotics, growth hormones, or 'junk food' for our cattle! Pastured and free range Berkshire swine. Rare pastured Jacob Sheep for not the largest cut of lamb you will eat but undoubtedly, the sweetest tasting leanest lamb! The laying hens move between a pasture system to a large contained poultry yard depending on predator pressure.

Pastured Meats

Fresh egg with sun dried heirloom tomato and bright light baby chard and Berkshire bacon



How Do I Get Started

 In keeping with the traditional idea of a community that is supported by agriculture your 'investment'  $100.00 in your farm for three months is upfront. The other cost is $12.50 - for delivery each week. It helps us purchase seed, tools, feed, and two delivery coolers with cold packs for you. We have made it a very low cost so any family can join - because once you join it is your budget and choices for your Farmbox. You may renew every three months or opt out anytime and receive $50.00 back we are so sure you are going to love this program!


You fill out a simple application, pick your default delivery site (if you want it delivered to your home there is an additional delivery fee but we understand convenience and instead of adding it onto the cost of your food you may see what it is your are paying for this option), and most important how we get can easily get in touch. Text, phone, fax, email, message a way we can stay in touch.


Once we receive your application, we send you a welcome package email with directions on how to  start ordering your delicious custom FARMBOX.




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